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Brush Clearing & Fire Breaks

Serving El Dorado County and the Sierra FoothillsIs your property overgrown with dense brush and undersized trees? Terra Brush Removal and Land Clearing Services can help maintain and protect your property by getting rid of flammable dense brush that creates fire hazards. Your property will be healthier and at less risk while increasing in value. You probably live where you do to enjoy the wild land environment of the foothills. To preserve this beauty, we must take responsibility for our area. As residences and businesses move into our forest, there becomes a potential danger for devastating fire during long dry summers. Removal of thick underbrush around the larger trees is essential to get rid of fire ladders. Doing so increases manageable fire control. Contractors can benefit from our Forestry Mower/Masticator as well, as there is frequent need to clear dense brush and trees from the area to be developed. The Forestry Mower/Masticator is maneuverable, efficient, and able to access areas that other machines cannot but is more cost effective than the much smaller hand operated equipment. It allows the operator to selectively clear away unwanted vegetation while leaving valuable property and timber undisturbed.  Mulching vegetation not only restores property by leaving a more attractive appearance but also introduces valuable nutrients back into the soil as the mulched vegetation decomposes.  The mat of material left on the ground creates its own erosion control. With a ground pressure of 6.2 pounds per square inch, the Forestry Mower / Masticator keeps compaction and soil distribution at a minimum. Terra Brush Removal and Land Clearing Services has a reputation for honesty and quality.  We do our best to give you the best service for your value.

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Timber Operators Lic #B011913
Timber Operators Lic #B011913